10 Budget-Savvy Kitchen Projects You and Your Wallet Will Love

We all love to upgrade and make our kitchens as good-looking as possible, but often, this comes with a hefty price tag. While a lot of these project’s price tags are a little outrageous, there are still many advancements that you could make to improve your kitchen feel and look without breaking the bank.

1. Functional Display

Pans and pots in display
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You may just toss your pots and pans under a cabinet somewhere in your kitchen, or maybe you do not have an area for them at all. Even though they are large and clunky, you could take those pots and pans and hang them up instead. Doing this is much cheaper than other alternatives, such as adding an additional cabinet area.

2. Repaint

Woman painting
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While this may seem like a simple and easy job, painting a kitchen can be a tricky thing. Painting is a very cost-friendly upgrade, especially if you do it yourself! A new paint job can give the kitchen a whole new feel, whether it is a new color or a fresh coat of the old one.

3. Exposing Shelves

Open shelf
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Removing cabinets to clear up space can be a tough job, but a cheap one. This is something you could do entirely on your own and does not take that long, but it will make a giant difference. Exposing more shelves can give your kitchen an open look and feel to it, improving the aesthetic for a low price.

4. Backsplash

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Technology and innovation have made what used to be a difficult job very simple! Removing your current backsplash and adding a brand-new one can be relatively cheap. You do not need to go big for these; peel-and-stick tiles look just as good and are a fraction of the price.

5. Sink Replacement

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The sink is an essential in your kitchen. Replacing one doesn’t have to cost much, especially if you do the installation on your own. A brand new sink, or even just a faucet, could bring new life to your kitchen.

6. Cabinet Designs

Cabinet design
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Your kitchen does not need to be plain. If you can get creative with the backsplash, cabinets with decals might be just for you. Decals for a cabinet are very cheap and come with many designs, such as polka dots or other shapes and colors, and give them an updated look at a fraction of the cost.

7. Rearrangement

Woman in pantry
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Rearranging your kitchen can make a big difference in the look and feel of your home, often at low to no cost. Rearrangement can reveal things you may have forgotten about and can even open up space in your kitchen. Not only does it help the look and feel of your home, but you can also clean the spots you missed for all those years.

8. Lighting

Lighting in kitchen
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Lighting is something we often overlook when we consider home improvements. With bad lighting, true colors do not show as well as they would with an LED light or an overall better fixture. You don’t even need to replace the entire lighting fixture — just change the bulbs!

9. Sliding Doors

Sliding cabinets
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With the world advancing every day, people are noticing that sliding doors look and feel better within a house, and more specifically, a kitchen. This will save you more space, and this is a project you could do alone. Sliding doors could replace an actual door, pantry door, or even a cabinet.

10. Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar
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Everyone loves coffee; at this point, it’s America’s drink. A coffee bar would drastically improve your life with not only the looks of it but also the fantastic performance it provides when making coffee. Since most people drink coffee, this may come in handy when guests are over, or in the morning before you head off to work.

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