A Quick IKEA Skoj Wall Clock Hack

The easiest Ikea Skoj Wall clock hack ever! Give the plain Ikea Skoj clock a quick makeover with pretty pattern to match your decor.An easy Ikea Skoj Wall clock hack using pretty scrapbook paper

I have an extremely easy and quick Ikea Skoj wall clock Hack for you today. It is really super easy and creates a great impact!

I was looking for a clock for our guest room with a pending visit over the weekend. I was heading to Ikea that afternoon anyway and hoped to find something that would work (and be cheap as well). And the best thing I love about Ikea is the fact that you get a blank canvas to show off your creativity. Here is what I came up with

Check out how the clock started out – Ikea Skoj wall clock before - check out how I transformed it!It is a plain clock for $9.99 and it was super easy to update it to fit in with the guest bedroom decor.

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Materials Needed for the IKEA Skoj Wall Clock Hack –

How to Do the IKEA Skoj Wall Clock Hack –

Step 1 –  I dismantled the needles from the front and spray painted them with oil rubbed bronze because silver needles would really not stand out in front of the red background.

Step 2 – Cut the scrap book paper to size of the clock. Trace the circle for the clock movement and cut it out a about 0.5″ smaller.

Step 3 – Make little slits around the clock movement to help fit the scrap book paper onto the clock back. The little grey circle painted on  the clock helps forgive any errors in the cuts.Ikea Skoj Wall clock hack - back side of the clock

Step 4 – Once the paper cut to size and fit, coat the back of the clock with mod podge and carefully lay the paper, smoothing out any bubbles with a credit card edge.

Step 5 – Once everything is dry, assemble the needles back on and voila!! A beautiful new clock to match your decor!


An easy Ikea Skoj Wall clock hack using pretty scrapbook paper

I love the look of the pattern and the personality it gives the clock.

Put your own spin on the plain Ikea Skoj wall clock by adding fun patterns

Put your own spin on the plain Ikea Skoj wall clock by adding fun patterns

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