6 Benefits of Artificial Christmas Trees vs. Real Trees

Trimming the tree is a time-honored tradition, but when it comes to a real tree, trimming takes time and a lot of cleanup. Here are six benefits to purchasing an artificial Christmas tree versus a real tree this year.

1. Costly or cost-efficient?

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Artificial Christmas trees are an investment, but they become a solid investment over the years. A real Christmas tree can be purchased for under $100 but must be replaced yearly. Buying an artificial tree will give you years of holiday cheer and save you money in the long term.

2. The hassles of disposal.

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Disposing of real Christmas trees can become quite the hassle and each year with real trees will be more of the same. An artificial tree will eliminate the need for trips to disposal sites and the mess and fuss involved. Consider investing in an artificial tree if only to avoid the disposal hassle.

3. Easy to set up, easy to take down.

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Artificial Christmas trees come in various sizes and styles, and the benefits are vast, but one of the best benefits is the prestrung lights option. Stringing lights on the tree takes significant time, and removing those lights can take just as long. If you’ve ever wrapped lights around folded magazines, you’ll understand.

4. Talk about hypoallergenic.

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Real trees can trigger allergies, which can take the happiness out of the holidays. Real trees can have various molds that grow on them, and when they are brought inside, they can inflame asthma and cause flu-like symptoms.

5. Caring is easy.

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Real Christmas trees require significant care and cleaning up. Maintaining consistent water levels and constantly sweeping up shedding needles can be tedious. Artificial Christmas trees require no watering, and you can’t shed needles when there are none. 

6. Safety is number one!

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The hot lights on Christmas trees can be dangerous, and when a real tree begins to dry up, one tiny spark can cause a mountain of damage. Most artificial trees are made of fire-resistant materials, but caution should be followed regardless.

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