Best DIY Projects of 2022: Reader Favorites

Take a look at the top 10 woodworking and DIY projects and top 10 tutorials of 2022. These projects were well-loved and are great for beginner woodworkers. Plus, all the tips and tutorials will help you confidently build all the projects!

Image collage of six of the best of 2022 reader favorite projects

It’s that time of year! Time to reflect back on the year that has been.

January 2023 will mark 7 years since I started this website to share my projects and almost 10 years since I first picked up power tools ( a power drill to be precise).

It feels like a long time but at times it feels like it was just yesterday. Nevertheless, I still have so much more to learn and share!

I am so grateful and thankful to you for being here and for all your love and support.

2022 reflection and 2023 plans

2022 saw many fun projects, a feature in The Kitchn, and me taking over Cricut’s Instagram for Diwali.

Although it is coming to an end with a broken wrist and having to push out a bunch of amazing things I had planned for early 2023, I cannot be more grateful for all that I have learned and experienced.

In 2023, my goal is to help you achieve your biggest possible DIY goals with a renewed focus on all things learning. Stay tuned! I can’t wait!

In the meantime, let’s look back at your favorite projects from this past year and the tips and tutorials that you found to be most helpful.

Top 10 tips and tutorials in 2022

1. How to Use a Speed Square for Beginners

A speed square is a basic carpenter’s tool and can be used for much more than just checking for square. This tutorial dives deep into all the details.

2. How to Paint Plywood

Painting plywood for a professional finish is an easy process when you know what to do. This tutorial walks you through how to do it and all the tips and tricks.

3. How to Paint Ikea Laminate Furniture

Painting laminate furniture can be done and without vigorous sanding. My tried and true process creates a finish that will last.

4. How to Build a Drawer for Beginners

Building drawers is a right of passage for a woodworker. This tutorial shows you three different ways to build a drawer.

5. How to Paint Unfinished Pine

See all the tips and tricks for painting unfinished pine furniture for a professional piece that no one will know you made yourself, but I would definitely tell them!

6. How to Use a Kreg Jig

Pocket holes create strong joints when building. This informational tutorial shows you all the basics for using a pocket hole jig.

7. How to Cover Plywood Edges

You built that piece of furniture using plywood and now it’s time to finish it. This tutorial walks you through three different ways to cover those plywood edges.

8. Which Kreg Jig to Buy

I use pocket holes for almost every build I do. I get asked all the time, “Which Kreg Jig should I buy?”. This informational post has the answer.

9. How to Cut Angles Greater than 45 Degrees on a Miter Saw

You can make angled cuts larger than 45 degrees with your miter saw. This tutorial details exactly how to do it.

10. Pocket Hole Tips and Tricks

If you know me, you know I love building with pocket-hole joinery. This informational post coming in at number 10 for 2022 has all my best tips for making pocket holes.

Top 10 projects from 2022

Here they are, the projects that you loved in 2022 from No. 10 to No. 1

10. DIY Bar Cabinet

Learn how to build a DIY tall bar cabinet with drawer, wine rack, and wine glass holder with detailed plans. Perfect for small spaces.

Coming in at number 10 for 2022 is the tall bar cabinet with storage. It has one of my favorite DIYs in it, the “marble countertop”.

When I was looking for glass for the door I found the gorgeous cross-reeded glass at a local glass shop and just knew it would be perfect.

The bar cabinet also has a wine holder, wine glass rack, and a drawer. It’s perfect for small spaces.

See the full tutorial and get the plans.

9. Dry Erase Menu Board

Easy DIY Dry erase meal planner board. Quick and easy menu board for home or restaurants. Easy to make and so cheap too! #anikasdiylife.

Implementing a meal planning system will reduce the stress of trying to figure out what to cook each night. It sure did at our house!

We first had a chalk-painted menu board, but it was getting harder and harder to erase, so I made this DIY menu board using scrap wood and acrylic.

This simple DIY, which comes in at number 9 of the top 10 projects for 2022, will take the stress out of meal planning and it looks great too.

See the full tutorial here.

8. Cane Nightstand

Learn how to make a simple nightstand with cane webbing drawers. This project is easy to make for beginners and adds a chic touch to your room.

You may remember the cane chair I made, I have wanted to do another cane webbing project ever since and inspiration finally hit me for number 8 of the top 10 projects for 2022.

I love this cane nightstand! It’s fresh and modern and the cane webbing gives it just a touch of boho. The gold drawer pulls and legs add a bit of mid-century glam, and I couldn’t be happier with how the whole project turned out.

See the tutorial and get the plans

7. Sandpaper Organizer with Sander Storage

Sandpaper and sander storage on wall

Number 7 on the list definitely solved a huge issue in my workshop. I had a drawer full of sandpaper and was so tired of digging through it to find what I needed.

Made from plywood, this sandpaper organizer also has a spot to keep your sanders. It’s the perfect solution to that crazy drawer of sandpaper and sanding supplies.

See the tutorial and get the plans

6. DIY Potting Bench

Learn how to build this simple and modern DIY potting bench with a step-by-step tutorial and plans. It can also double as a plant display or console table. Great beginner woodworking project.

I’ve been working on my green thumb, it’s not going too badly. I wanted something I could use outdoors to contain the mess and so I made number 6 of the top 10 projects of 2022, the DIY potting bench.

The modern design is the perfect size for small yards, there is still plenty of storage for tools and supplies, and it’s multi-functional for when you’re not potting.

See the tutorial and get the plans

5. DIY Lego Table

Learn how to make a DIY Lego Table with Storage and folding sides with the detailed tutorial and plans. This table is perfect for small spaces.

We used to sort legos by sets, this was great with my daughter because she was careful not to mix them. My son is the exact opposite. So I built number 5 on the list of top 10 projects for 2022.

There is plenty of storage space in the DIY lego table for all the legos and the sides pull up to extend the building area and then fold down for easy storage in small spaces.

See the tutorial and get the plans

4. Closet Organizer with Drawers

How to build a DIY custom closet from scratch using only 2 power tools! This is an easy beginner woodworking project. #anikasdiylife

Upgrading our builder-grade closets was high on my priority list, you may remember my daughter’s closet makeover, it made such a big difference for her that I decided to do my son’s closet too.

I was able to complete this project in just a weekend and now my son has room for all of his things in his newly organized closet. The best part is that I was able to do this project using just 2 tools!

See the tutorial and all the details

3. DIY Rotating Bookcase

Learn how to build a DIY rotating bookcase which is perfect for lots of storage in the corner of a room with the full tutorial and plans.

My son’s books and completely outgrown the storage solutions we were using and it was time for a change. I didn’t want to build a big beast of a bookshelf, so I came up with this rotating bookcase.

It works great in small spaces, tucks away into the corner, and you simply turn it to find what you’re looking for. No more explosion of books! Number 3 of the top 10 projects of 2022 was the perfect solution.

See the tutorial and get the plans

2. Planer Stand with Outfeed Table

Planer stand with outfeed table open

I finally treated myself and added a planer to my workshop. It was 90 lbs and I kept it on a dolly so that I could roll it out to where I could use it. On the ground no less. It was a great leg workout, but my back didn’t like it much.

Number 2 on the top 10 projects of 2022 is this DIY planer stand that made my life so much easier! It’s perfect for small workshops, has extra storage and has an outfeed table that folds away for easy storage.

See the tutorial and get the plans

1. 2X4 Outdoor Chair

Here we are, the number one project of 2022! This 2X4 outdoor chair was a long time coming and it matches my DIY outdoor table. I used redwood to make this simple chair because it’s not just weather-resistant, it’s lightweight.

I wanted to try out other joinery techniques so this one is made with a combination of pocket holes and dowel joinery. It’s the perfect beginner woodworking project.

See the tutorial and get the plans

Which one was your favorite? Is there a project you loved that didn’t make the list? I can’t wait to hear. Let me know in the comments.

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