Black Cabinet Hardware? Here Are the Colors You Can Paint Your Cabinets.

Black cabinet hardware is sleek, versatile, and timeless, and if you are looking to pair your kitchen cabinet paint color with this classic hardware, you have plenty of colors to choose from. Check out these 8 kitchen cabinet colors best for black hardware.

1. White

white kitchen cabinets with black hardware
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Whether trendy and modern or traditional and elegant, the classic and clean white kitchen cabinet pops brightly with black hardware. These two colors complement each other perfectly and will remain a steadfast color combination for years to come.

2. Light Gray

light gray cabinets with black hardware
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Light gray can come in various tones, from cool to warm, and at all levels, black hardware makes a statement on these cabinets. Light gray looks fantastic with matte black hardware that adds a modern flare to any space. 

3. Light Wood Grain

light wood grain cabinets with black hardware
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Natural light wood cabinets with black hardware are the perfect combination to make the rustic farmhouse kitchen of your dreams. The black hardware compliments the cool tones in the wood grain without diminishing the natural warmth of the wood.

4. Dark Wood Grain

dark wood cabinets with black hardware
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If you want the best way to update and modernize your dark wood cabinets, black hardware is the way. The adage of black and brown don’t match was never tested with the beautiful grain of a dark wood cabinet and rustic black hardware combination. The combination creates an elegant kitchen perfect for entertaining.

5. Taupe

taupe cabinets with black hardware
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Taupe is the perfect middle ground between gray and beige, and this color looks fantastic with almost any color hardware. Black hardware on taupe cabinets perfectly accents the warm neutral color without leading the color to appear more gray or beige.

6. Jewel Tones

blue cabinets with black hardware
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Whether sapphire or emerald, amethyst or topaz, jewel tones are a bright and bold kitchen statement. Pairing the right hardware with these colors can be daunting. Black hardware is the perfect versatile hardware to make an impact without stealing the show from these bold colors.

7. Sage 

sage green kitchen cabinets with black hardware
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Green kitchens are trending in homes worldwide and with reason. The trendy color evokes an inviting and peaceful kitchen while effortlessly pairing with multiple colors and materials. Black hardware knobs will add the perfect balance of function and tranquility when paired with a serene sage green.

8. Two-Toned

Dark gray kitchen cabinets with black hardware
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If you want to add drama to your kitchen, the two-toned trend is a great way to accomplish this feat. A darker lower kitchen cabinet with a lighter top color keeps the space light and airy but complementary with colors and textures. Black hardware will pull these different colors or textures together to create a cohesive kitchen design.

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