Cage Pendant Lights under $100

Cage pendant lights have a gorgeous industrial meets chic look. Check out these awesome affordable and budget friendly finds that all under $100!affordable cage pendant lights under $100. Industrial lighting ideas

Cage pendant lights have been on my mind a lot lately… amongst all the other one million home decor related things…

We are not a fan of the light in our entryway. It is the first thing you see when you walk into the house.Foyer light update - before

It literally doesn’t work…2 of those 3 bulbs don’t work… which is an easy fix but I have been refusing to consider it because I picture a cute cage pendant light in my head.

Plus we have 2 hallway lights that look like this and certainly need to go…Hallway lights before

I have combed through a whole bunch of websites looking for affordable and pretty cage pendant lights and flush mount lights and thought I might as well share all my research with you! I was surprised at all the awesome choices I found for under $100!

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Cage Pendant Lights under $100 from Amazon

Links to the lights at the bottom –
Affordable Cage pendant lights. All less than $100! Can you believe these awesome choices!

  1. Rustic Metal cage pendant
  2. Star ceiling cage pendant
  3. Industrial vintage light
  4. Three light orb pendant
  5. Retro Edison hanging pendant
  6. Diamond rope pendant
  7. Bell shaped pendant light
  8. Art deco vintage wire pendant
  9. Retro Hive Cage Pendant Light
  10. Vintage style semi flush ceiling light
  11. Metal Globe flush mount
  12. Cage lantern ceiling lamp

A few more options from around the web (just click on the picture to take you to the source –

Which is your favorite?

So, Which one did I choose? Stay tuned….

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  1. Yes, I have the dreaded “boob lamp” in my hallway. With the added dilemma of clearance that seriously limits my options for one of these beautiful lights you’ve gathered here. Our hall closet door opens right under the light. But I have a plan 🙂

    1. yay!! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  2. GIRL, STOP IT. Now I want to change the light in my entry!! I love these all so much, and really never thought to get a light from Amazon! #10 I love because it’s a close mount, that’d fit perfect in my entry! These lights are so so pretty and will leave you room in your budget to get rid of all the boob lights, in all the land. I hate those things! No matter which one you choose, you’re guaranteed tons of gorgeous style! Can’t wait to see!

    1. Right?! I almost didn’t look at Amazon till the last-minute and when I realized all the amazing options, I just had to share them! Its a tough decision to pick just two of these!! 🙂

  3. angela bradley says:

    i like # 1, 3, and 11. i don’t really like the too busy ones for a small space. but of course your home your choice. as long as you are happy thats all that matters.
    good luck to you.

  4. Hi Anika,
    Ok, I looked carefully at all of the choices and it was hard to decide because I don’t have a clear picture of your hallway (and other rooms leading off of it). If I had that in mind, I could give you a better evaluation, but just going on the lights themselves, I chose # 4 and # 12.
    Number #4 had a very good price and reviews and great style. Both it, and number #12, have an open, uncluttered feel to them and to be honest, look like they would be fairly easy to clean and to put in new light bulbs! 😉 Glass to me and also a lot of the wiry looking ones, would be a lot more time than I want to invest at my age in life. 🙂
    They are all very nice looking though, and I am sure that no matter which ones you chose they will look terrific! Can’t wait to see the results!! 🙂

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