31 Simple Christmas Crafts to Make at Home

Save money this year by crafting your ornaments and decorations. Here are 31 Christmas crafts you can make to add to your home or to give as gifts.

woman adding greenery to a candle

The festive season can be such an expensive time of year. Costs can spiral with gifts to buy and friends and family to entertain. One of the areas in which you can save money is by creating Christmas crafts for gifts and home decor.

Crafting can not only be a relaxing and enjoyable process but also has the added benefit that it can result in a unique item for the home or a thoughtful gift for a friend or relative.

Handmade items can give your home a beautiful, unique look. Plus, a homemade gift is often more well-received and appreciated than a shop-bought one.

These simple Christmas crafts are fun to make and can save you a little money in the festive season.

Simple Christmas Crafts for the Festive Season

We’ve collated a round-up of our favorite Christmas crafts for you to try out.

Whether you spend a quiet solo afternoon creating handmade Christmas cards or gather a group of friends together for a fun evening making wreaths and garlands, a few hours of mindful craft is excellent for relaxation.

Some of these crafts are simpler than others. Some are perfect for crafting with children, while others are slightly more involved and require a more adept hand.

Christmas Crafts To Make With Paper & Card

1. 3D Paper Snowflakes

paper snowflakes on a chimney

Cut and fold paper to create intricate three-dimensional snowflakes for hanging. Paper bags are great to use for this Christmas craft. Delineate Your Dwelling has a great tutorial.

2. Origami Christmas Decor

Origami ornments made with bright colored paper

From stars to Santa Claus, origami offers a variety of festive options. Try your hand at the easy ornaments from DIY Candy

3. Paper Poinsettias

poinsetta flowers made from paper

Craft poinsettias using colorful craft paper as a tree or table decorations. They’re easy to make with this tutorial from Doodlecraft

4. Paper Fan Decorations

woman with handmade Christmas craft paper fans
Image Credit: The Listed Home

Round paper fan decorations can be made with colored craft paper, wrapping paper, and even scraps of left-over wallpaper. Make a batch of differing sizes and group together for maximum impact.

Christmas Crafts to Make With Children

5. Paper Chain Garland

little girls making paper garland

Cut colorful strips of paper, then glue the ends to create chain links, then thread them together to make a sweet and nostalgic garland.

6. Salt Dough Ornaments

starfish ornaments made with salt dough

Create a simple salt dough recipe. You can use a cookie cutter in holiday shapes or make these simple salt dough starfish ornaments from Elizabeth Joan Designs for a unique touch to your tree this season.

7. Popcorn & Cranberry Garland

woman stringing popcorn and cranberries for garland

Use a needle and thread to string together popcorn and cranberries for an old-fashioned tree decoration.

8. Handmade Christmas Cards

Christmas crafts making cards using baker's twine

Use watercolors, stamps, or collage materials to create unique holiday greeting cards. These handmade cards from Angie Holden are made using baker’s twine and they turned out so cute!

To make life easier, you can create your Christmassy pictures, upload them to a computer, and then print duplicates rather than creating each masterpiece by hand.

9. Pinecone Christmas Trees

Pinecones decorated like Christmas trees

Paint pinecones in green and add little beads or stars for decorations. Follow the tutorial from DIY Candy to make your own.

10. Paper Plate Angels

Angel made out of paper plates

Use paper plates to craft angel wings and faces, and attach golden tinsel for the halo. The kids will love making them with this tutorial from Crafts By Amanda.

11. Twig Stars or Trees

Christmas ornaments made from twigs shaped like trees

Bind together twigs to make rustic star decorations. You can even make these cute twig Christmas trees from Happy Hooligan

Christmas Crafts Using Upcycled Household Items

The recycling bin is an excellent source of relatively free craft supplies. Whether you are tossing out a cork or yesterday’s newspaper, the bin is full of creative possibilities.

12. Button Garland

tree ornaments made from buttons

String colorful buttons on a strong nylon thread or string to make unique garlands. Buttons can also be used to make these cute ornaments from Girl, Just DIY

13. Wine Cork Reindeer

reindeer ornament made from wine corks

Use old wine corks to make the body of a reindeer and use twigs for the antlers. This tutorial from Homeless Finch walks through making them for your tree.

14. Mason Jar Snow Globes

snow globes made using mason jars

Glue tiny bottle brush trees and miniature figures to the underside of a mason jar lid. Then, fill the jars with a mixture of water, glycerin, and glitter to create a homemade snow globe.

15. Clothes Pin Snowflakes

Snowflakes made from clothes pins

Remove the metal from old clothes pegs, then assemble the pieces to form intricate snowflake patterns. Once you’re happy with your design, glue the clothes pin sections together with hot glue. Once complete, you can paint or leave them natural for a rustic, wooden look.

16. Cardboard Dove Christmas Garland

Close up of cardboard dove Christmas craft
Image Credit: The Listed Home

Don’t throw your old shipping boxes away! Create a DIY dove Christmas garland with them instead! The run-up to the festive season sees lots of deliveries and, with it, lots of excess cardboard. Instead of sending it to the recycling depot, turn it into a beautiful Christmas craft decoration for your home.

Homemade Christmas Home Decor

These Christmas crafts are easy to create and will bring a touch of nostalgic Christmas charm to your home.

16. Beaded Candy Canes

Christmas craft using red and white beads to make candy canes.

Thread red and white beads on a pipe cleaner, then bend them into a candy cane shape to hang on the tree or onto a garland.

17. Christmas Lanterns

lantern fill with ornaments

Decorate jam jars, short cylindrical vases, or hurricane candle holders with Christmas-themed stickers or transfers, then pop a tealight candle inside.

Alternatively, you can create a paper snow scene to wrap around the inner base of your glass vessel, then fill the jar with tiny fairy lights for a festive look. Or fill the lantern with leftover ornaments and then add a festive bow.

18. Cinnamon Stick Candles

Votive candle holder decorated with cinnamon sticks

Bind cinnamon sticks around pillar candles and tie them with a rustic ribbon or jute string. You can set these sweet candle holders anywhere.

19. Jingle Bell Ornaments

wreath ornaments made with jingle bells

Attach colorful ribbons to store-bought sleigh bells or mini jingle bells, and hang them on your front door, the Christmas tree, or around the house. Stringing them to form a wreath is a quick and easy DIY ornament.

20. Miniature Sleighs

Sleigh made with candy canes and mini chocolate candy bars

Create miniature sleighs for sled runners using candy canes. Glue a piece of cardboard between the ‘sled runners,’ then pile up with miniature chocolate bars or wrapped gifts.

21. Clove and Orange Pomander

Create a simple festive pomander by studding oranges with cloves. You can elevate this Christmas decoration by scoring the fruit’s skin with a lino-cutting tool. This seasonal decoration looks good and will make your home smell delicious, too.

Christmas Crafts Using Fabric & Haberdashery Items

Fabric and haberdashery items offer a vast and creative avenue for crafting beautiful Christmas decorations and gifts. Here are some creative and festive ideas to consider.

22. Hessian Tree Skirt

fabric and twine in wooden box

Use hessian to create a rustic tree skirt, then decorate it with sequins, lace, or pretty ribbon.

23. Yarn-Wrapped Christmas Trees

Christmas display with yarn wrapped trees on a console

Wrap colored yarn around conical shapes, adding beads or stars for additional Christmas sparkle. You can create cone shapes from cardboard or buy maché or polystyrene cones from craft stores or Amazon.

24. Ribbon Chain Garland

Colored ribbon use to make chain garland

Instead of paper, use fabric ribbons to make colorful chains for the tree. Non-fabric ribbon will work too.

25. Felted Wool Ornaments

Wool felt ornaments Christmas crafts idea

Felt old wool sweaters or blankets by washing them on a hot cycle in the washing machine, then tumble-drying them until shrunken and felted. Once you’ve done this, cut out festive shapes for ornaments and thread with ribbon or string.

26. Crochet Snowflakes

Crochet snowflake ornaments

For those who can crochet, delicate snowflakes make beautiful tree ornaments or window decorations. Get the free pattern from Artful Homemaking.

27. Felt Stockings

felt stocking shaped ornaments

Hand-sew small stockings from felt, then decorate them with buttons, ribbons, and embroidery. They’re easy to make with this tutorial from The DIY Dreamer.

28. Sock Snowmen

Five snowmen made from socks

Fill a white sock with rice or beans, tie sections to form the snowman’s body, then decorate with buttons, and create a miniature scarf and hat with scraps of paper or fabric. They’re an easy DIY project that will bring a festive touch to your holiday decor.

29. Pom Pom Wreath

Make pom poms of different sizes and colors, then stick them onto a foam wreath to create a fun and eye-catching pom pom wreath.

Pom Pom Wreath - The Listed Home
Image credit: The Listed Home.

30. Quick and Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

Grapevine wreaths are easy to use to make Christmas wreaths. Decorate them with your favorite seasonal greenery for a wreath to welcome holiday guests.

quick and easy Christmas wreath using grapevine form

31. Macrame Ornaments

Use a cinnamon stick or cut dowels to make these cute ornaments for your tree. You can make a set of four in just under an hour.

Traditional Christmas Crafts for the Win

For some, purchasing Christmas decorations or a store-bought gift is more feasible and practical. After all, not everybody has the time, resources, or skills to create homemade items.

That said, some of these traditional Christmas crafts are so simple a child could do them. Many won’t take much time to create, and the joy of gifting — and receiving — something that’s been lovingly handmade is unparalleled.

Creating homemade gifts and home decor offers many benefits compared to purchasing store-bought items. Many people find making homemade items more satisfying because homemade gifts and decor inherently carry a personal touch. They show someone took the time and effort to create something unique for another person, which can make the recipient feel special and valued.

These gifts carry a special significance because they are infused with the time, effort, and love of the maker.

When you make something yourself, you can tailor it to the specific tastes, needs, and preferences of the recipient. This allows for a level of personalization that is hard to achieve with mass-produced items.

Unique and One-Of-A-Kind

Homemade items are unique. Even if you’re following a pattern or a recipe, all handmade items will differ due to the natural variations in materials and the human touch involved in their creation. The knowledge of emotional connection and time and effort spent can make homemade gifts and decor feel more valuable and sentimental than store-bought counterparts.

There’s a particular joy in creating and receiving something made with love and care.

Crafting at home can help you learn new skills or hone existing ones. Whether it’s sewing, painting, woodworking, or any other craft, the learning process can be as rewarding as the final product.

These Christmas crafts can be a relaxing and rewarding way to spend your time and also allow you to express your creativity.

And — best of all — you’ll have one-of-a-kind decorations to adorn your home for the holidays. Or some specially hand-crafted Christmas presents to gift to family and friends.

Christmas is a time steeped in tradition. For many, childhood memories of the festive season include crafting, baking, or creating decorations. Engaging in these activities can evoke a sense of nostalgia, reconnecting us to simpler times and cherished memories.

Christmas crafting is the perfect way to merge the joy and spirit of the holiday season with the inherent benefits of creative expression, resulting in an activity that nourishes the soul.

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