Introducing: DIY Designs by Anika

If you are looking for the perfect t-shirt or gift for a DIYer or woodworker, I have a few perfect designs for you!

Introducing DIY Designs by Anika – the shop where you will find apparel, accessories and project plans for your DIY life.

Woman with I can make that t-shirt in workshop


I have been working on this little project for quite a while now and it is finally here!

DIY Designs by Anika

You may have seen me wearing a few designs on and off in pictures on the blog and social media.

I have been selling t-shirts in a small shop on Amazon. Then I decided to sell them through Etsy as well.

My ultimate goal was to have my own store and website and finally earlier this year, I decided it was time to take it seriously and get it done!

I am excited to announce that the shop is ready for business!

I am launching the store with 3 categories – T-shirts, Mugs, and Plans.

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T-shirts for Woodworkers and DIYers

I have five designs in the apparel category right now!

Woman with Woodworking tshirt and project

The most popular t-shirt – “I make pretty things with power tools” is one of my favorites too!


Woman in workshop wearing I can make that t-shirt

Then there is the “I can make that!” T-shirt which is the very first design I ever came up with!

Because all DIYers say that at least a couple times a week 🙂

Woodworking woman in workshop wit Got Sawdust T-shirt

Then there is the Got Sawdust? and Got Paint? shirts that are so fun.

Woman wearing coffee sawdust repeat t-shirt

Last but not at all least – “Coffee Sawdust Repeat” – because that is what (most) woodworkers live on or live for!

Mugs for woodworkers and DIYers

I couldn’t not make mugs!

There are only 3 designs but others coming soon.

The Coffee Sawdust Repeat design was sort of a no-brainer.

Coffee Sawdust repeat mug for woodworkers

Plus there is the “Ask me What I built today” which is perfect to relax with after a long day in the workshop.


Woodworking plans

I have been selling a few premium plans for over a year now.

I have been selling them through third-party sites. I am finally starting to integrate all of them into my site so I can streamline everything.

Take a look at all the premium plans here.

What else is going to come?

Well, I have SO many plans… stay tuned!

Be sure to check the shop frequently for updates.

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Anika's goal is to inspire and empower beginners with woodworking, DIY, home improvement, and home decor ideas.
She wants everyone to unlock their creative potential and experience the feeling that comes with making something. Nothing feels better better than seeing something and saying "I can make that!"

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