From Spooky to Cozy: Easy Ways to Shift Your Halloween Décor for Fall

Putting up Halloween decorations is one of the best parts of October. But when Halloween is over, it feels weird to leave all your skeletons and ghosts hanging around your house. You can take down the Halloween decorations without losing the festive fall vibe in your home with some easy tricks. Say goodbye to Halloween and get ready for Thanksgiving by transitioning your decor with these simple ideas.

1. Ditch the Witches and Werewolves

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The first thing to do when Halloween is over is to remove all the spooky decor that is obviously associated with the holiday. If you have witches, werewolves, ghosts, ghouls, and other Halloween decor around, take it down and put it in storage until next year. This includes bats, cauldrons, skeletons, and zombies, too.

2. Keep the Warm Hues

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While red, orange, yellow, and brown are the classic colors associated with fall, Halloween has a wider range of colors. Some Halloween decorations are green, purple, and maybe even blue. When transitioning to fall and Thanksgiving decor, remove any cooler-colored decorations in your home, but leave all the warm colors where they are.

3. Leave the Leaves

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If any of your Halloween decorations featured fall leaves and foliage, you should keep those up because they’re perfect for Thanksgiving! This includes autumn wreaths, mini trees, loose leaves, leaf garlands, and patterns. If there is a maple or oak leaf on something, it should stay right where it is until Christmas rolls around!

4. Replace the Jack-O-Lanterns With Pumpkins

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Pumpkins are still relevant after Halloween, but the time for Jack-O-Lanterns is sadly over. Any pumpkin decor can stay, but the Jack-O-Lanterns have to go. However, a super easy trick to utilize all your decor is to flip your Jack-O-Lanterns around so you can’t see the carved face. Then, they’ll just look like pumpkins, and you can keep them out until December.

5. Collect More Natural Decor

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If you want to round out your fall decor a little more without spending money, you can go on a lovely nature walk and bring home some free decor. If you can find things like acorns, pinecones, leaves, sticks, and warm-colored flowers, you can add them to your space. You can press leaves and flowers so they’ll last, fill a vase with pinecones, or use sticks as filler decor.

6. Add Some Bright and Colorful Elements

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It can be challenging to make your Halloween decor work for Thanksgiving if everything is dark-colored. Instead of removing all the decor and replacing it, consider adding more cheerful and colorful elements that will balance the appearance. You could paint pumpkins pink or blue and incorporate more happy patterns, pillows, and blankets.

7. Embrace Gothic Glamour

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On the other hand, if you love the dark vibe of your Halloween decor, you can opt for a gothic glam theme for your fall decorations. That means you can leave all the black elements out, including things like bats, crows, and skulls. For this trick, you need to commit to the gothic vibe and avoid adding overly cheerful decor, like signs that say “It’s fall ya’ll,” as it won’t match the aesthetic.

8. Use Tasty Decorations

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As mentioned, you can easily collect some natural decor from outside, but you may also find some decor elements in your kitchen! Use cinnamon sticks and hard berries, like cranberries, as filler around your larger decorations. Dry out oranges and make fruity garlands to string along your mantel or window. You can also stick candles into empty wine bottles, which is perfect for the goth look.

9. Lay Out Books

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Filling out your space with attractive books can create a cozy fall vibe. Choose warm-toned books with red, orange, yellow, or brown covers. The more tattered and antique-looking the books are, the better. Place the books on shelves, side tables, coffee tables, and corners that feel empty.

10. Rearrange Your Decorations

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If you removed all your Halloween decorations and now your house looks empty and devoid of the autumn spirit, thoughtfully rearranging the decor you do have can be an easy solution. Try to spread the decorations out as much as possible and ensure the warm-colored items are easy to see and not cluttered together in one area.

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