Is Your Garage a Nightmare? Transform It Now With These 12 Must-Try Organization Ideas

Every household deals with the dilemma of storage and the best areas to store those seasonal items. Here are 12 garage organization ideas for everyday people with no DIY necessary.

1. Hook It up With Bike Hooks

Bikes hanging on bike hooks
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Bikes take up valuable floor space in garages and are constantly falling over. Get the bikes off the ground with inexpensive bike hooks available in most big box stores. Get a pack of bike hooks for under $10.

2. I Didn’t Peg You for Pegboard

Anika standing in front of pegboard organizer
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Pegboard is an excellent versatile surface for garage organization. Organize everything from tools to gardening equipment with this customizable storage wall. Add shelves for additional loose article storage.

3. Stocking the Shelves

Garage with storage shelves
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It is a simple concept, but shelves are the way to go when organizing a garage. Labeling sections of the shelves for different storage needs will save you plenty of time when rotating holiday decorations.

4. One Man’s Trash Can Is Another Man’s Garden Tool Storage

yellow rake, red shovel, and purple garden hoe
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A commercial-grade rubber trash can makes the perfect storage container for garden tools. Your shovel, rake, and more will be easily accessible when needed, and the trash can makes garden cleanup a breeze. 

5. Just Toss It in the Cabinet

Bank of cabinets in a garage
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Cabinets are a great storage addition to a garage space, and being able to close away the clutter will keep your garage organized. You can purchase cabinets or look at your local rehab store for a less expensive option. Want to paint them? Here’s how.

6. Racking It up With Lumber Racks

Anika placing lumber on lumber racks
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A lumber rack makes a great addition to a garage and can be used for more than just lumber. Whether storing 2x4s or lifting tote containers of Christmas decorations off the floor, lumber racks will help keep your garage floor free of mess.

7. Hanging Shoe Organizer Meets Garden Tools

shoe organizer used for gardening tool storage
Image Credit: The Handyman’s Daughter

A cheap $10 fabric shoe organizer is perfect for small handheld garden tools and materials. Hang the organizer from a wall or pegboard and fill it with all your garden odds and ends. Adding the tool images is optional, but if you want to do it, here’s how.

8. School You on Organizing With Lockers

School lockers
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Lockers are great for storing sporting and seasonal equipment. Help the kids keep track of all their gear with individual lockers and keep the garage clutter minimal.

9. Get Tote-Ally Serious About Totes

colored totes
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Totes are easily accessible and relatively cheap, making them a go-to for garage organization. Grab totes in select colors and know where all the decorations, seasonal gear, and sentimental items are at all times.

10. Get Magnetic

screwdriver set
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Magnetic tool strips will allow you to keep all your tools readily available. Add some magnetic strips to the garage wall for easy access.

11. That Went Over My Head Storing Overhead

overhead shelf storage in the garage
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Small garage spaces will benefit significantly from overhead storage. Install an overhead storage system to amplify storage space.

12. Rotating Storage for the Win

Rotating garage storage
Image Credit: Woodshop Diaries

Access to your stored items is vital, and even the best-laid storage plans can go awry. A rotating storage cabinet will allow you to organize what you have and make it easy to get to it when needed.

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