You want to build all the amazing projects you see, BUT...

You don't know who to ask questions.

You are intimidated by the tools you might need.

You don't know which tools to buy.

You are not confident about using the tools.

You are exhausted trying to find the basics online.

You don't have anyone to guide you through your projects.

You've got a lot of project ideas in your head but no idea how to turn them into reality.

STOP feeling frustrated and intimidated by projects and tools.

Inside My DIY Circle, DIYers like YOU come together to meet and support one another, get answers to burning questions, learn from experts, and more.

Do you want to:

✔ Confidently use power tools

Finish projects without help

Walk into the hardware store confidently

Look at something and know exactly how to make it

✔ Not get frustrated by lack of details in project plans

Learn what really matters

Not waste material and time making costly mistakes

Proudly show off your projects


TIRED of listening to experts who assume you already know the basics...

SICK of wasting time and money on failed projects...

and just want to GET THE ANSWERS you need without spending time looking through the world wide web...

...then My DIY Circle is perfect for you!

What is My DIY Circle?

It is an exclusive online community of woodworkers and DIYers just like you where we discuss all things woodworking. I can provide your support and answers to your burning questions.

No question is too basic.

Nice to meet you!

My name is Anika Gandhi and my mission is to inspire and encourage you to take on your favorite projects!

I believe that anyone - with the right tools - can make any piece of furniture they want!

I picked up my first power tool 9 years ago and I have been hooked ever since!

I love inspiring EVERYONE to pick up the tools and build that piece of furniture or take on that home improvement project because you CAN do it!

I want YOU to be able to look at a project and think to yourself "I can make that!"


I don't know what took me so long to find you. Every question I had was answered and I thank you for the encouragement and knowledge. My confidence level is soaring!

- Linda J

Thank you. A very helpful video. I hate when people try to teach how to do something, they make assumptions on what you know. You explained things very well without making any assumptions. I am going to attempt to put down some baseboards and this is very helpful.

- Jim W.

I love your videos. Your tutorials are always the most helpful in the least amount of time spent.

-Frank L.

Anika had a thorough knowledge of the subject matter, presented it in a clear and interesting manner. All in all, a very helpful experience.

-Theo R.

Here's what's included in My DIY Circle:

  • Monthly expert Q&A calls/ sessions ($397 value)
    Bring your questions, get help on a project, get help troubleshooting. No more getting stuck on a project or tool and wondering where to find help.
  • A growing library of tool tutorial videos ($750 value)
    Learn and master the tools and build confidently without the clutter of ads and distractions.
  • Help and answers from other woodworkers and experts of all skill levels ($1200 value)
    Confidence in tackling projects by learning from everyone in the community. Show off your projects and cheer others on!
  • Monthly coupon to the plans shop (up to $23 value)
    Ideas to keep your project pipeline full.

Total value: $2370

Get started for as low as $22!!





(Value: $147) [with annual membership only]

Learn how to use pocket holes to build anything with ease. I teach you the basic concepts so you can tackle any project and material!


(Value: $119)

Your reference guide to all the definitions of woodworking terms - written for a beginner.


(Value: $47)

Know the different types of wood available and exactly what type of wood to use for which projects.


(Value: $157)

No more getting intimidated by going to pick up your lumber. Learn exactly what you need, where to find it and how to pick the right pieces for successful projects. AND let's not forget - board-foot!


(Value: $47)

The key to any successful project is planning. I channel my past life of professional project management to give you exactly what you need to create a successful plan.


(Value: $199)

There are many little things that matter that decide how the project will turn out. Know exactly what to do right from the start of the project.

Total Bonus Value: $873

Anika, I loved your presentation. Clear and simple. Well done. Thank you.

-Steve S.

Your video was so informative and moved on so quickly, I didn't even have to think of fast forwarding! You've inspired me.

-Karen M.

I am so excited to have found you! I don’t know what it is but you know the questions I have in my head and address them perfectly.


What makes My DIY Circle Different?

My DIY Circle is NOT a course.

Courses can be overwhelming and a time commitment.
They may not offer you the solution to the exact challenge you may be facing at that moment.

My DIY Circle is a community of like-minded people and experts.
It is user-led.
Bring your questions.
Let us help you figure it out and teach you the basics in the process.

No question is too basic.

Remember how you wished you had someone you trust at your fingertips to hold your hand along the way as you learned?


This is that community.


  • Monthly expert Q&A calls/ sessions
  • Tool Tutorial video library
  • Supportive community
  • Monthly Coupon
  • Woodworking Glossary (BONUS)
  • Wood shopping 101 (BONUS)
  • Wood types 101 (BONUS)
  • Project Planning checklist (BONUS)
  • Secrets to professional-looking furniture (BONUS)
  • Month to month access.


(Save 28%!!)

  • Monthly expert Q&A calls/ sessions
  • Tool Tutorial video library
  • Supportive community
  • Monthly Coupon
  • Woodworking Glossary (BONUS)
  • Wood shopping 101 (BONUS)
  • Wood types 101 (BONUS)
  • Project Planning checklist (BONUS)
  • Secrets to professional-looking furniture (BONUS)
  • Access for an entire year! (Save 28%!)
  • Pocket hole Ninja (BONUS)

Build strong beautiful furniture projects and tackle home improvement projects with confidence. We will be with you every step of the way.

✔ Monthly expert Q&A

✔ Access to the library of tool tutorials

✔ Community of peers and experts of all skill levels

✔ Monthly coupon

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included?

In My DIY Circle., you get a monthly Q&A call where we talk about a tool, answer any questions you may have, etc (It's like having me in your workshop), a library of tool tutorials to get you started with the right basics, coupon for the plans shop, AND most importantly a community of like-minded people and experts.

Is this a course? Does it have a beginning and end?

NO. Inside My DIY Circle, YOU ask the questions. We teach and talk about what YOU need to know and learn. You can go at your own pace and participate as little or as much as you want.
There is no beginning or end. You won
't see a bunch of videos you need to watch to succeed and feel instantly overwhelmed. This is community-led.

I am going on vacation soon. Should I wait to sign up?

NO. This is the founder's price until the founder's round is full. You can join now and get active as soon as you can!

Is this different from what I can get in a free Facebook Group?

YES! I love free Facebook groups but I found they are full of distractions, difficult to navigate, and lots of advice from people who may or may not know what they are doing. I created My DIY Circle to give you focused help without the distractions of social media and easy navigation. And you get the tutorials you need now, and guaranteed attention from experts.

Which membership should I pick - monthly or annual?

Like with any course/program, you need to spend some time with it to see the advantages. I highly recommend the annual membership of My DIY Circle. It gives you enough time to get to know the community and take advantage of all the information. Plus, it saves you 28% in the long run.

With a monthly membership, I highly recommend staying on for at least 3 months to experience the full benefits of the program.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes - depending on your membership status. You can cancel the membership within 30 days of the next renewal cycle. Annual memberships are billed annually and monthly memberships are billed monthly.

I can't afford all the tools. Is this still for me?

Yes. Tools are expensive. This is why this isn't a course designed to tell you to go buy tools to be successful. You will get help exactly at the level you are.

What if I am just starting out?

This is a perfect time!!
You will have lots of questions and this is the place you will find all the answers. From a trusted source who is invested in making sure you succeed.

Is it really worth the cost?

In one word - YES!
Think about all the time and material you might waste on a project as you try to figure it out. For less than the cost of a few 2x4 boards a month, you can be a part of a vibrant community and get help from experts - the value is unmatched!

Is DIY Circle Right for me?

If you want to learn advanced joinery and make fine furniture, this isn't for you. If you are looking to build a house, this isn't for you. This is for anyone who wants to build and take on projects around the home using simple tools and techniques.

Where is this going to be hosted?

Glad you asked! My DIY Circle will be hosted on its own distraction-free platform. You will be able to access it on a desktop or with an iOS or Android App. All the topics, tutorials, and discussions will be nicely categorized for you to be able to easily access them anytime!

When can I get started?

Right away! You should get an email with all the details to get started as soon as you checkout (be sure to check the spam folder for it!).

Can't wait to see you there!

Have a question?
Send me an email - and let's talk!