Exciting news and a long list of projects

Join me for my new house tour. Look at the before pictures and all the possibilities behind them! Read about my plans for them and give me your ideas!

This house…New house tour- before - exteriorIt’s ours!!
Yes! I have been waiting to tell you all about it! We finally have a house to call our own and for me to go to town breaking down and painting walls!

After moving across state twice in 3 years, we are so excited to finally have some semblance of permanence. A place to call our own… at least for now…

New House Tour

So here is the tour – the before pictures – including a few ideas and plans we have.

The house was built in 1965. The previous owners did update it quite a bit so it isn’t totally a fixer upper but it sure has enough projects to keep us busy for a while.

The entryway –

The door is definitely not going to stay brown for too long. The walls have a faux finish in beige and brown which is certainly not my style.Entryway - before

This is the room to the left of the entryway and connects to the kitchen. The previous owners used it as a little family room. It is quite small and will only fit a love seat and TV. We plan to use it as a dining room. The little door on the left is a pantry which is dark and small – that will need updating too.old dining room - before

The Kitchen –

It is a decent size and was recently updated. Unfortunately, we are not really a fan of the colors so we have a whole list of projects for this space too.Kitchen before

The living room –

It is long and narrow and I am certainly struggling with planning out the placement of furniture. The floors are original hardwood and are well maintained and gorgeous. The fireplace will need an update at some point.living room before

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This is the view of the living room standing next to the fireplace. It is supposed to be a dining area but it is too small to fit a decent size table. We plan to create a nook for the kids – homework and play area.dining room - before

The Staircase is nothing special to write about but will need the carpet ripped out.staircase - before

UPDATE: See what this staircase looks like now

Bedrooms –

Let’s start with the master. My favorite part – that window seat which looks out into the backyard. There is hardwood underneath that carpet too. The room, however, is pretty small and you would barely have space to walk if you had a queen size bed in there.Master bedroom - before

This is the room next to the master. It is the only room which hasn’t been updated at all – complete with dirty pink carpet and a popcorn ceiling. It shares a wall with the master and we are thinking about knocking it down to make the master bigger… plus we definitely need more closet space too 🙂Old room- pink carpet - before

UPDATE: See this room turn into the most fun room in the house!

This purple bedroom is going to be the kids’ room. I couldn’t get a good picture of it through the hallway due to the angles. For now, it just needs a new coat of paint and of course window treatments and such.Kids room before

This room will be my office/studio. It’s got glossy blue paint in there. which will need to be neutralized 🙂office before

Bathrooms –
All bathrooms are narrow and small. In the below picture – from left – Master bath, hall bath, and guest bath. The Master bath and hall bath are pretty great and recently updated. The guest bath does have new tiles but the vanity and cabinets are worn and need an update.Bathrooms - before

UPDATE: See the quick makeover for the small bathroom

The backyard –

We have a pool!! The kids are SUPER excited about it (to be honest, their dad and mom are too). There is some lack of trees and privacy so I will have to find my green thumb soon!Pool view - before

The patio is pretty well made with a retractable side window and skylights. It just needs some cleaning and love to make it fun.patio - before

UPDATE: See how I stained the concrete patio!

So there it is folks, the new to us house! We have a whole long list of projects needed for this space! I will be sharing my vision and plans for each room as we go…I would love to hear any ideas or suggestions you might have for this space too because I know you have some amazing ideas!!

Stay tuned to see it evolve!!

Until then, check out how I updated the kids master bathroom in our current rental with all things removable!A fun and colorful Kids rental bathroom makeover. Everything in here is removable!

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  1. I just now am taking the tour of your “before” pictures! I COMPLETELY understand your excitement AND long list of to do (s)!

    How do you like the pool so far?? Looks like fun, to me! Great entertaining space, too!

    Can’t wait to see your updates! 🙂

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