Unconventional Crafting: 10 Odd DIY Hacks That Still Got the Job Done

We have all been there when a necessary gadget breaks, and we have to search around for a suitable substitute. This may not be what you thought a good substitute would look like, but it gets the job done. Here are ten unconventional ways people solved DIY problems around their homes.

1. Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning
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When one man wanted to polish his concrete floor, he cut the end of a broomstick off and attached it to a drill. With this, the drill spins the head of the broom very fast, which, with water, will polish the floor. This works very well on garage floors and other smooth surfaces, but we definitely don’t recommend trying this on hardwood.

2. Wine Box Storage

Wine storage box
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When ordering wine in bulk, you receive a box with slots for every bottle. When removed, the slots make great storage for shoes. The box will keep them nice and organized and within a stable place so they will not get knocked over or mixed up at all.

3. Pipe Insulation

Heated Car Seats
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We all have the space in our car that is in between the seat and center console where if something is dropped down there, good luck getting it. To fix this, you can either take pipe insulation or a pool noodle and stick it in that space to prevent anything from falling down into that awful space.

4. Cleaning Blinds

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Cleaning blinds is a very annoying and time-consuming thing to do, especially since you have to clean the top and bottom of every line separately. To make this a whole lot easier, wrapping a paper towel around tongs will clean the top and bottom of the blinds perfectly. It is also straightforward to change out each towel by just using a rubber band.

5. Milk Jug Scoop

Cutting the top off of a gallon or half a gallon of milk can show the perfect pet food scooper. Most people either have a designated cup or use a random cup to fill the animal’s food bowl, but then that cup gets used by people, too. To prevent that, the top of a milk jug with the cap on provides the perfect amount and size for the animal.

6. Bread Tab for Labeling

Bread tab
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Bread tabs may seem useless, but putting them at the base of a cord can tell you which one is which. You can either write what the cord is or color-code it to know which one is which, so the next time you need to unplug something, you don’t remove power to the wrong thing.

7. Bobby Pin Nail Holder

Bobby pin
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Hammering in a nail can be very difficult, especially for someone who has never used a hammer before. Not only is it difficult, but if you miss, you are going to be in some pain. To prevent smashing a finger, a bobby pin can support a nail while hammering, keeping your fingers nice and far away.

8. Paper Towel Cord Storage

Paper towel
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We all have cords lying around that are tangled up, and have no idea what they even go to. To solve this, taking an empty roll of paper towels and wrapping the cord in them is a great way to organize them. Not only does this contain them, but you can also label the outside of it to know which is which.

9. Tin Can Holder

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When mowing or taking a bike ride on a hot day, the number one thing you need is a bottle of water. It may be tough to carry along, so you can take an empty tin can and zip-tie it to the handlebars, and voilà, an instant cup holder! This will keep your water upright and your hands free.

10. Cracking Nuts

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Trees drop plenty of nuts that are edible for us to have, yet we do not know how to open them. A great way to go about this is to hold it with pliers and gently crack at the nut with a hammer. Slowly, the nut will crack open, and you will have yourself a delicious snack!

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