12 Reasons You Need To Stop Watching Home Improvement Shows Right Now!

Home improvement shows, take them or leave them? Although they are great for inspiration, here are 12 reasons to stop watching home improvement shows right now!

1. Renovating in real-time

renovation plans
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Home improvement shows will take a “dated kitchen” and 48 minutes later gut and replace the whole room. Renovations, especially major transformations, take substantial time, and the renovation shows will give you a false sense of a timeline.

2. You’re not decorating your home for the next owner

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Home improvement programs, like house-flipping shows, focus on trends that appeal to the masses. Designing your home based on the appeal of the next owner will limit your personality in your decorating.

3. An open floor plan isn’t just a sledgehammer swing away

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Every episode of home improvement television displays a wall coming down to open up a space, but it’s far from that simple. Removing walls could require architect plans, moving electrical or plumbing, replacing load-bearing structures, or HVAC rerouting, which are costly and time-consuming.

4. Patience is a permit virtue

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Significant structural changes often require permits before work can be started. Renovation shows frequently gloss over the time getting permits approved requires, and this can give a false sense of a timeline for homeowners.

5. All sales final no return on investments

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Home improvement shows will have us all fall prey to the idea that our kitchen needs a full gut to be functional or our bathroom needs a custom-tiled shower. The costs of these projects add up fast, and not every home renovation gets the return on investment to break even.

6. Reality TV isn’t real – seriously it’s not

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Producers of renovation shows will create manufactured drama to increase viewership. This drama, often resolved quickly without additional cost to the homeowner, is an unrealistic outcome for everyday home renovation.

7. All the boring shades of the same – Do you!

Anika standing in her newly renovated kitchen
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Trends from home improvement shows are popping up in homes all around, and it is getting pretty repetitive. Avoid the all-white kitchen and gray walls and embrace the individual charm and character of your home. Just do you!

8. That’s totally out of budget

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Home improvement programs thrive off of false budgets that will have the average homeowner thinking they can get way more bang for their buck. In reality, many companies offer significant discounts for product placement on these shows that you won’t receive as an average buyer.

9. Waste not want not

refaced kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts
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Renovation shows always put in brand new kitchens even when unnecessary. Don’t rip out cabinets because you don’t like the color or hardware. Refacing cabinets is an excellent option for upgrading a kitchen or bathroom without the unnecessary waste involved in a complete gut. 

10. Don’t go chasing the shiny new trend

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Every season of these programs has a similar design style in every home. Chasing the next trend you see from a television show will have you renovating forever, and who has the patience for a new project every year?

11. Demo Day

drywall on the floor
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Demo typically isn’t done in just one day unless you have an entire team of workers. You can’t just go in swinging a sledgehammer and leave a mess. You won’t have a crew to come behind you and clean it up.

12. Who’s Really Doing All That Work?

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We aren’t saying all show hosts are the same, but some do a small segment where they do some work, then cut to commercial. Who’s really doing all the work? It takes a team of people to pull off those home renovations in just six weeks. It will take you a lot longer to do it by yourself.

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