Cute DIY Valentine’s hairband – great kids craft too!

My 6 year old little girl loves crafting… which totally makes my heart so happy. We have a lot of fun doing simple crafts together. She found my stash of pipe cleaners and started making shapes with them. One of those shapes was a heart. This gave me an idea! We made a Valentine’s hairband! It was so fun and quick to make and I think it turned out really cute!! A super easy and fun DIY Valentines day hairband for little girls

It was basically free since we had all the materials, but if you do end up buying specially for this project it might be like $2!

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Materials needed for DIY Valentine’s hairband –

The picture shows sequins too, but we ended up not using them.How to make an easy Valentine's Day hairband with hearts. great kids craft!

How to make a Valentine’s Day hairband with hearts –

I have a quick video for you to watch how the hair band is made. We also did a Facebook Live where we made it together.

If you would rather read the tutorial here it is –

Step 1 – Make three hearts – one on each end of the red pipe cleaner and one heart on the iridescent pipe cleaner. Making the hearts is very easy. You make a loop and pinch the middle. Watch the video for a full demo.How to make hearts with pipe cleaners. Its a fun kids valentine's day project

Step 2 – Twist the red stem on the side of the headband.Make an easy Valentine's day hairband with hearts

Step 3 – Twist the iridescent heart like below.A fun kids craft for valentine's day

Step 4 – To cover up the headband, wrap it with the red pipe cleaners all around!The perfect hairband for Valentine's day. make it with your little girl

That’s it! the hairband is ready!A fun valentine's day hairband. A fun valentine's day craft to do with little girls

It literally took less than 10 minutes to make and now my little helper wants to make a few more for all her friends. Its going to be fun to see all the girls with these cute hairbands on Valentine’s day!

Here is the cute model showing off her hairband….yes… she is a ham!The great thing is that you can totally let the child make this hair band her own. You will see in theThis is the cutest Valentine's day craft ever! I can totally make this easy Valentine's hairband with my little girl!

We loved making these hearts so much, we decided to make a pretty Valentine’s Day Wreath with them too!An easy DIY Valentine's Wreath! It is so beautiful with its rustic charm. Its a great kids valentine's craft too!

Looking for more fun Valentine’s day crafts for kids?

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  1. This is such a cute project and you’re model is adorable!

    1. Thank you Toni!! 🙂

  2. How adorable is that? This will be the perfect way to dress up a Valentine’s Day outfit for school! Thanks so much for sharing such a cute idea!

    1. Thanks Leslie!!

  3. Super cute & so easy to make. My kids love to craft to and it melts my heart. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty

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