7 Brilliant Renter Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

Rental properties can look blah and uninteresting. Though the white walls and neutral kitchens can appeal to the majority, that doesn’t mean you have to stifle your creativity. 

These renter-friendly home improvement ideas will allow you to express yourself and get your deposit back when you move out.

Home Improvement Ideas

Contact Paper Countertop

Contact paper is an excellent option if your rental countertops are an eyesore or if you want to refresh the space.

Frame the Bathroom Mirror

The frameless bathroom mirror must be the factory setting for any rental home. Consider upgrading by adding a frame around the mirror.

Towel Hooks in the Bathroom

Towel bars are nice and are the go-to in most bathrooms. The biggest problem with towel racks is insufficient space for multiple towels.

Change Out Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware can change the entire theme of a room, and if your rental’s hardware isn’t quite to your taste, consider swapping it out.