7 Tips for Professional-Looking DIY Wood Projects

Frustrated with the final look of your DIY wood projects? Here are 7 simple tips for professional-looking woodworking projects that are second nature to experienced woodworkers

Align the Saws

Ensure your saw is properly aligned to get precise cuts, avoid gaps, and enhance safety. Proper alignment extends the life of your saw and ensures accurate results.

Cut off the Factory Edges

Ensure precise measurements and cuts by trimming factory edges for squareness. Cut off 1/4" - 1/2" to eliminate misalignment before starting your project.


Ensure accurate cuts by understanding the kerf, the thickness of the saw blade. Align the blade outside the cut line to achieve precise results.

Cut in Phases

In woodworking projects, avoid batching cuts for efficiency. Instead, cut and build in phases to accommodate potential variations in project dimensions.

Sand Before Assembly

Sanding before assembly ensures thorough detail work, vital for a polished finish. It's tedious but pivotal for the final look.

Sand in the Right Sequence

Start sanding with low grit, progressing gradually for smoother finish. Never skip more than 60 grits to ensure gradual flattening of surface peaks.


7 Tips for Professional-Looking DIY Wood Projects