A Guide to Align a Miter Saw

A miter saw is known for being able to make precise cross-cuts easily. However, that doesn’t work if it is out of alignment.

The key to getting precise, accurate cuts with a miter saw is to ensure that the table, the blade, and the fence are aligned perfectly.

A Guide to Align a Miter Saw

As best practice, I like to check my miter saw for alignment at the start of every project. It is a quick check to make sure everything is in order.

Check the Blade

If you have been using the blade for hard materials or ended up cutting through a tough knot, you want to check if the blade is warped in any way.

Align Blade and Table

In a perfectly aligned miter saw, the blade should be perfectly square to the table, which is another way of saying that the blade should be precisely 90 degrees to the table, allowing for a perfectly perpendicular cross-cut in your board.

Align Fence and Blade

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