Amazing DIY Wooden Planter Box Ideas

These DIY wooden planter box ideas and easy to build and will spruce up your curb appeal or backyard! Get lots of inspiration to build your own wooden planters!

DIY Lattice Planter Box by Anika’s DIY Life

Enhance your garden with this stylish lattice planter box! Decorative and versatile, perfect for pots or planting directly.

Tiered Cedar planter by Anika’s DIY Life

This tiered wooden planter is super easy to build and takes only about an hour! All you need is a saw and nailer!

DIY Self-watering Planter by Anika’s DIY Life

This simple planter features a built-in self-irrigating system! Discover how it's made – it's surprisingly easy!

Wood Planter Box with Trellis from The Handyman’s Daughter

Easily craft a stunning wood planter box with a trellis for vining plants using leftover fence pickets.

Easy DIY Wood Vase from Anika’s DIY Life

Craft custom wood vases from redwood pickets—a simple DIY project perfect for indoor or outdoor decor. Ideal for gifting!

Large Scrap Wood Planter Box from Toolbox Divas

Dress up your outdoor privacy wall with this large DIY planter. It’s easy to make and will use up that scrap woodpile!


45 Amazing DIY Wooden Planter Box Ideas