Beginner Tips: How to Use a Table Saw

A table saw is one of the most commonly used saws in woodworking. Unfortunately, it is also the most intimidating to beginners, and for good reason.

Learning how to safely and confidently operate a table saw can open up a whole world of possibilities in your woodworking projects.

What Can a Table Saw Do?

A table saw can make most of the cuts you can make with other saws. The main difference is that you push the wood through the blade instead of pushing the blade through the wood.

Parts of a Table Saw

The first step to using a table saw safely and confidently is to understand the function of each of the part

Types of Cuts 

Rip cut – cut in the same direction of the grain.  Cross-cut – cutting perpendicular to the direction of wood grain  Miter cuts – cuts at an angle perpendicular to the grain Bevel cuts – Cuts at an angle along the length of the grain. Dados – grooves in the material.


Use special safety devices with a table saw. Safety devices can be used together or separately – safety blocks, push sticks, and feather boards.