The Best Gold Spray Paint Out There!

Frustrated with trying to find the best gold spray paint? We share tests on eight products to help you pick your favorite without having to buy them all!

Choosing the perfect gold spray paint can be tricky. Despite many trials, I've narrowed it down to a few favorites. Tested four more to share the best with you!

The Testing Process

Testing terracotta pots, spray-painted outdoors on the same day with two light coats each, following strict control measures for consistent results.

Comparison of Gold Spray Paints

The pots and paint cans are lined up for comparison. To better analyze variations, they're grouped by shade and finish for detailed comparison.

Best Metallic Gold Spray Paint

Design Master and Rustoleum Metallic excel for authentic gold finishes. Krylon Premium Metallic falls short with its artificial yellow shine.

Best Matte Gold Spray Paint

Krylon Dual offers dimension with embedded gold specks, ideal for a true gold look. Rustoleum Universal leans slightly green-yellow.

Best Rose Gold Spray Paint

Krylon paints offer consistent rose gold tone, while Valspar Metallic stands out with a preferred matte finish despite spray issues.

Which Gold Spray Paint Is the Best?

Design Master or Rustoleum Metallic for authentic gold; Krylon Dual for matte; Valspar Metallic for rose gold. Great coverage in just 2 coats!


The Best Gold Spray Paint Out There!