Best Gold Spray Paint to Try On Your Project

Finding the best gold spray paint can get really frustrating. I know… I have been there.

Even though I have rarely had any luck judging the cap to pick a can of gold spray paint off the shelf, over the years, I have narrowed it down to a couple of favorites.

Best Gold Spray Paint to Try On Your Project

Gold Spray Paint

I bought a bunch of mini terracotta pots to use as the test vehicle and used a Homeright spray shelter to spray each of the pots.


Here is a line up of all the little pots with their corresponding paint can.You can see right off the bat that there are quite a few variations in “color” and brightness.

Best Metallic Gold Spray Paint

This is the first time I used Design Master’s and I have to say I was very impressed especially with the uniform coat and drying time.

The Best Matte Gold Spray Paint

These are definitely matte gold and pretty true to their cap and would be great for applications where you are looking for a matte gold.