How to Build a DIY Modern Planter Box

Learn how to build a simple DIY Modern Planter Box with a unique stand with step-by-step instructions and a detailed tutorial.

How to Build

Step 1: Prepare Boards

Follow the cut list to make precise cuts. Gradually sand the boards, progressing from coarse to fine grits (150 or 220) for a smooth finish.

Step 2: Build the Box

Secure side and bottom boards with wood glue and finish nails, then join and clamp to form the base. Attach remaining sides for lower section.

Attach 2×2 supports on the inside corners using wood glue and finish nails. You can add nails through both sides as well as from the bottom to make sure everything is attached well

Step 3: Build the Stand

Create pocket holes in 2x2 board. Attach front board to legs with pocket hole screws and glue. Join support boards with pocket hole screws.

Step 4: Final Finish

You can stain or paint and seal the box and stand in the colors of your choice. I decided to go with a brown and black combination.