Christmas Projects

Christmas Projects

Easy Scrap Wood Christmas Project

We all have that problem. The pile of scrap wood that keeps growing!

I think one of my favorite types of projects are scrap wood projects. They not only cost $0, they also free up space in your “storage area”.

DIY Plywood Christmas Trees


I had so much fun making these 3-D DIY wooden Christmas trees!

Wood Block Santa


I LOVE this wood block Santa! He is a take-off of my DIY wood pumpkins and my wood block snowman.

DIY Christmas Village


This bright and happy Christmas village is an easy project! You can customize them in any color and they are great to display on a mantle.

DIY Wood Block Snowman


This snowman is the perfect winter decor project to last all season long.

 Christmas Ornament Tree


Add some color to your Christmas this year!

See the full project!