Christmas Village

Using Scrap Wood to Make a Christmas Village

I truly miss the NorthEast at Christmas time. Just the fact of having snow on the ground made everything seem a lot more festive…

Step 1: Design & Cut


Identify pieces of scrap wood that you can use to make houses and trees. Once determined, roughly sketch the cut lines.

Step 2: Make Roof


I found that paint sticks were the perfect width and thickness to work as roofs. Cut them to the sizes you need for the houses. Remember to leave some overhang.

Step 3 – Paint


Paint houses and trees in color of choice. I decided to give everything a coat of snow and painted the trees accordingly.

Step 4: Attach Roof


Attach the paint stick roofs to the houses. I used a pin nailer for this. But a good quality hot glue like this one should work as well.

Step 5 – Add the icicle


Last, add icicles to the roofs using hot glue.

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