Decorative Letters 

DIY 3-D Floating Decorative Letter

Its been a couple of months since I got my Cricut Maker and I have been using it almost daily to make projects and try all sorts of new materials.

Set up the design


The “cheers” sign I cut can be accessed in the design space.

Cut veneer


Load veneer on the StrongGrip mat and tape the edges. Use a brayer to make sure the veneer is well attached to the mat.

Attach to the plexiglass


I used a strong glue to attach each word cut out one by one. with a slightly offset in every consecutive layer.

Add a stand 


You could make a stand like I did or you can use stand-offs to mount to a wall.



I chose the chipboard layer in the middle as it was thickest of all the three materials. The stained basswood makes a nice base and the walnut finishes it off nicely.

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