Learn how to build this DIY A-frame desk with drawers. This simple yet stylish wood desk is easy to make and makes any home office pop! 

supplies needed

Lumber per the plans

Circular saw

Miter Saw

Jig Saw

Kreg Rip Cut

Power Drill

Kreg Jig

STEP 1 – Make cuts


Cut the plywood per the plans using a circular saw and a straight edge guide.

STEP 2 – Build top frame


Make pocket holes in the plywood and build the frame for the drawers. Remember plywood has a special setting for the Kreg Jig.

STEP 3 – Build and install drawers


Build the two drawers using 1×3 boards. Install the drawer slides in the top frame and install the drawers.

Step 4 – Attach top


Once the drawers are in place, go ahead and attach the top using wood glue and 1-¼″ finish nails.

Step 5 – Build legs


Build the two A-frame legs using wood glue and 2-½″ pocket hole screws per the plans.

Step 6 – Assemble base


To assemble the base, I decided the best approach was to do so around the top frame so everything was aligned and fit well.

Step 7 – Attach base to top


Bring the base back to the workbench and attach it to the top using 2″ wood screws.

Step 8 – Add drawer faces


Secure the drawer faces using finish nails and wood glue from the front and then attach with finish screws from the back.


The DIY A-frame desk is ready!

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