Learn how to make a no-sew canvas DIY canopy tent for over the bed with this quick tutorial. Perfect for any nature-themed or little boy’s room or playroom.

supplies needed

long steel pipes

floor flanges

Drop Cloth

Hot glue gun

steel caps

1 ¼” spax wood screws

Anchors and screws

Step 1 – Mark the locations


Decide the locations for all three floor flanges. These will be the centers of the flanges. Place the flange and mark the location of screws .

Step 2 – Attach floor flanges


Attach the floor flanges using screws into the anchors.

Step 3 – Attach steel pipes


Screw the steel pipes to the flanges.

Step 4 – Add the caps


Screw the steel caps to the ends of the tubes to give it a finished look.

Step 5 – Prepare the drop cloth.


For the canopy tent, I needed 24″ wide so I just split it it half. This is also a good time to iron it smooth too.

Step 6 – Drape the “tent”


Drape the drop cloth over the pipes.


The Canopy Tent Using Drop Cloth is ready!

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