DIY Christmas Decorations 2023


Handmade decorations add a certainn warmth and personalization to the home

Here are 35 simple and easy Christmas decorations you can make out of wood.

LED Christmas Tree


Put some pallet or scrap wood to work and make this lit-up Holiday decor.

Wood Slice Christmas Tree


Simple wood slices and a foam core make a gorgeous Christmas Tree. Add a little glitter for the sparkle!

display frameS


Add Holiday Printables to picture frames to sprinkle the festive spirit across the home. Bonus if you build your own!

3D Wood Ornaments


Use thin balsa wood to cut these ornaments - using a sharp utility knife or a Laser or Cricut Machine.

Plywood Christmas Trees


A quick and easy project that can be made with scrap plywood. Make it large for outdoor display or small for centerpieces.

Christmas Tree Shelf


This Christmas Tress Shaped Shelf can be made with a few 2x4s and  can be used for all types of displays.

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