DIY Dog Bowl Stand Idea

Many dog owners like to have an elevated dog bowl stand for many reasons.

As always, the main advantage of building your own dog bowl stand is to customize it to what you need for your dog and finish it to work well with your decor and style.

DIY Dog Bowl Stand Ideas

It is thought that eating from a raised bowl can cause bloat, which can cause a whole host of problems for your pet.

Simple DIY Dog Bowl Stand 

This modern elevated dog bowl stand is made using 2×2 boards. It’s an easy beginner project that will give you practice making pocket holes.

DIY Pet Feeder 

This traditional-style dog bowl stand is made from melamine and legs from a local home improvement store.

Raised Pet Feeder 

Not a fan of the look of raised dog bowl stands? Here is a great alternative. Mount this DIY dog bowl stand on the wall.