No trees? No problem, you can still have a hammock in your back yard! Build it from 4x4s using just 3 tools. Build in an afternoon and spend the rest of your weekend relaxing!

Type of wood to use

I used redwood to build this DIY hammock stand, but you could also use cedar. Use a species that is meant for outdoor use.

Building the base

The base is built using half-lap cuts.

Attaching uprights and braces

The uprights and braces are attached using outdoor wood screws.


Use a transparent stain to enhance to color of the redwood.

Attach your hammock

Attach your hammock to the freestanding hammock stand using eye bolts.

Lightweight and easy to move

Buiding from redwood makes this DIY hammock stand lightweight and easy to move around wherever you want it.

Done in an afternoon!

Your DIY freestanding hammock stand is ready to use...you'll just have to beat the kiddos to it!