using patterned plywood

Make your own lazy Susan and learn how to make it food safe!

supplies needed

Plywood sheet or scraps

Wood glue


Table saw




STEP 1  Cut the strips of plywood

I cut mine to 1-1/8" because I wanted them to end up being 1"

STEP 2  Glue it Up

Apply glue generously across the plywood strips. I like using a silicone brush to spread it all out.  Clamp to dry.

STEP 3  Cut into angled strips

As you make the cuts, keep them all in the same order. This is important to get the correct continuous chevron pattern.

Step 4  arrange the chevron and glue it up

Once all the cuts are laid out in the original order they were cut, creating a chevron pattern is simply flipping every other strip.

Step 5  Cut a circle

There are many ways to cut a circle out of wood. You can use a jigsaw or a router and a circle jig.

Step 6  Apply Finish

I wanted it to be food contact safe and seal the plywood so I went ahead and poured a layer of clear epoxy.

Step 7  Attach Lazy Susan Hardware

Check out all the details on how to install Lazy Susan Hardware or take a look at the video for the details.

The DIY Lazy Susan is ready!  Use it as a centerpiece or charcuterie board

Swipe up fo the full tutorial to make your own!