DIY Lego Table 

Storage for Small Spaces

Up until now, we have always stored Legos by sets. This worked wonderfully with my daughter because she is careful not to mix sets. 

I wanted this Lego table to be large enough to use and easy enough to get out of the way when needed.

Lego Table 

Step 1: Make the cut

Make all the cuts in the plywood and dimensional lumber per the plans.

Step 2: Sand and prepare the board

Sand faces of the boards before assembly starting with 80 grit down to 220 grit using a random orbital sander and Diablo 5 in. SandNet Coated Assorted Discs.

Step 3: Make pocket hole

Make the pocket holes in 2×2 boards per the plans with the Kreg Jig at the 1 1/2″ setting.

Start by attaching the 2×2 boards to form the legs and the base using pocket hole screws and wood glue.

Step 4: Build the structure