DIY Planter Box With Trellis

Learn how to build a tiered DIY Planter Box With Trellis with these step-by-step instructions and a complete tutorial.

How to Build

Step 1: Prep Time

Grab the plans and prep the lumber by making your cuts, sanding the boards, and adding your pocket holes.

Step 2: Build the Leg Frames

Assemble each of the leg frames and then attach. Use the pocket holes to add the supports and rails for the two tiers.

Step 3: Build the Frame

Build the frame by adding supports to the middle leg frame. You should have a distinct two tier structure when finished.

Step 4: Planter Boxes

Take your cedar planks and attach them together with corner brackets. Afterwards connect them to the leg structure.

Step 5: Trellis

Add a support 2x2 with a corner bracket to hold the wait of the trellis and then add the trellis with a brad nailer.

Step 6: Optional

Seal the wood with a finishing oil to protect from greying and add a landscape fabric.