get organized!


Don't let anyone tell you that you  have too many shoes!  You don't need that negativity in your life!

Take advantage of the space under your bed for shoe storage!

This DIY shoe storage for under your bed helps free up space in your closet! No one will know how many shoes you really have! 😉

EAsy to make

You just need wood and a few tools and supplies to make your own.

EAsy to make

Make it in just 5 simple steps.  It's a great project for beginners!

See what you have

The plexiglass in the lid makes it easy to see what's inside.

easy to access

The handle makes it easy to pull out from under your bed and push it back under.

EAsy to move

Wheels make it mobile so you can move it around easily.

Dust free

The lid helps keep all your shoes dust free!

the perfect solution

This DIY shoe storage for under your bed is the perfect solution for small bedrooms and closets.