DIY Small Mobile Workbench With Storage

My main concern was the lack of storage and organization. Almost from day one, the bottom shelf became a space for scrap wood to accumulate.

Step 1: Prep the board


The tiered planter not just gives you lots of space to grow those veggies, it also looks amazing!

Step 2: Build the leg frame


When building this workbench, you want to go from bottom to top.

Step 3: Add the large plywood shelf


Cut the plywood to size using a circular saw. I like using the Kreg Ripcut guide to help with this.

Step 4: Build and attach the middle support


The middle support is going to support the smaller shelves and the drawer.

Step 5: Build and install the drawer


I built the drawers using 3/4″ plywood and simple butt joints.

Step 6: Install the caster


Before adding the workbench top, it is a great idea to add the casters. These are my favorite casters for workshop furniture.

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