How to Build a Tiered Organizer Shelf

This versatile tiered organizer is a great way to organize any countertop or desktop.

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The project uses 1x2 boards and a few wide boards

Here's What You Need

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All you need is a miter saw and a nail gun


Cut the boards using a miter saw to make accurate cuts. 

Step 1: Make the cuts and sand the boards

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Sand the boards using a series of grits 

 Attach 1x2 boards on all sides of the boards using wood glue and nail gun.

Step 2: Build the shelves

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Build three of these.

Masking tape on a table or the floor is helpful.

Step 3: Layout the shelves  6" apart

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Attach the front and back legs using wood glue and finish nails.

Step 4: Attach the legs

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Stain or paint it in the color of your choice.

Step 5: Stain or paint

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Get the plans to build your own tiered organizer