Learn to make this creative and stunning DIY wood wall art using gold wire. It’s like embroidery on wood and so easy to make!

supplies needed

Wood board


Drill bit

Gold wire

Power Drill



Step 1 – Prepare the board


– Sand and stain the board in the color of your choice.

Step 2 – Draw the shape


– Draw the shape you want to create.

Step 3 – Make the holes


– Using the 1/16″ drill bit, make holes all along the shape.

Step 4 – Thread wire through the shaft


– Cut a decently long length of wire – 4-5′. – Start by threading the wire through the first hole of the shaft. – Staple down the end at the back,

Step 5 – Make the Vane


– Thread the wire through a lower hole in the shaft and out to the sides to make the vane. – Alternate the direction of the vane through the holes of the shaft and go all the way up.

Step 6 – Add something unexpected


I decided to add a few pearls towards the top to add a little bit of unexpected glamor.


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