Drawer: How to Build One

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Building drawers are almost like a rite of passage for woodworkers.

The very first time I built a drawer was for this X-leg accent table and literally made a box in a box and didn’t even bother with drawer slides.

Drawer: How to Build One

Technique #1

The simplest way to build a drawer is with simple nails or screws and glue. 

Attach the sides 

Apply wood glue on the edge of the front and back and attach to the side pieces using countersunk wood screws or trim head screws.

Attach the bottom 

Apply glue on the bottom and attach the bottom using wood glue and nails. Staples are recommended but nails work too. You can even use the trim head screws.

Build the box 

Build the drawer box using wood glue and 1 ¼” pocket screws keeping all the sides square.




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