The Webster dictionary defines a drop cloth as – “a protective sheet (as of cloth or plastic) used especially by painters to cover floors and furniture.”

Canvas Storage Bin

Make perfect no-sew canvas storage bins or boxes using cardboard boxes with this detailed step-by-step tutorial. There is even a no-sew liner! 

Roman Shades Using Drop Cloth

DIY Roman shades are a super inexpensive way to make your own stylish window coverings and create privacy.  


This no-sew drop cloth curtains tutorial comes to you from Rachel of Joyful Derivatives. You know I will take everything no-sew any day!  

4-Sided Drop Cloth TeePee

If you are looking for a fun and unique project to do, making a 4-Sided Drop Cloth TeePee is an exciting project.

These drop cloth project ideas will leave you inspired and swimming with ideas! A drop cloth is a great material for home decor ideas on a budget!

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25 Amazing Drop Cloth Project Ideas