Great beginner projects


Working from home, doing homework, playing matter what you need it for, you need a desk in your home.

Building your own can save you a ton of money!

Customize it for a set up that works perfectly for you.

Use it to create the perfect home office.

beginner friendly

Easy beginner builds that require just a few tools.

building drawers

If you've never built a drawer, no worries!  It's just a box and I'll show you how!

farmhouse desk

This desk has the perfect amount of storage for everything you need!  It's a great beginner build.

A-Frame Desk

You can make this DIY desk using only 4 power tools!  It's great for your office or for a teenage daughter.

DIY lap desk

Work while in bed or sitting on the couch with this simple lap desk.  The epoxy resin is totally optional.

kids desk with storage

We can't forget the kids!  Great for elementary age kids the hidden storage helps store all the clutter away.

Which one?

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