Easy Garage Shelves With Build Plan

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Garages tend to get cluttered very quickly. We store more than just our cars – from bikes, kids’ play toys, sports equipment, seasonal decor, or a woodworking workshop (like me)!

Not having enough floor space in the garage can not only be frustrating, but it can also be dangerous as it creates tripping hazards.

Easy Garage Shelves With Build Plan

DIY Heavy-Duty Floating Shelves

Have you ever thought of using floating shelves in your garage? These heavy-duty garage storage shelves are perfect anywhere you need extra storage. Put them above your workbench or in an unused corner. 

Wall Mounted Garage Storage Shelves

Build this wall-mounted garage shelf using 2x4s and just a few basic tools. It’s an inexpensive garage storage solution you can build in a day. 

Overhead Storage Rack 

The space above your garage door is normally just wasted wall space. I like to take full advantage of every inch of storage space, and this DIY garage storage rack does just that. 

Cheap and Easy Garage Shelves

Build your DIY garage shelves for just $50 in lumber! That’s way cheaper than buying a shelving unit and a lot sturdier.