A DIY Halloween wreath that is super easy to make and looks great on the front door too! See how to make it for under $10 and 10 minutes!

supplies needed

Grapevine wreath

spider Web

Letters “BOO”

Glittery spiders

Step 1


Stretch the spider web over the grapevine wreath form. In addition to covering the wreath form, also stretch it across the ends to add more character.

Step 2


Attach the little spiders to  the spider web. They simple intertwined in there and were stuck.

Step 3


Attach the “BOO” letters using a dab of hot glue on the back. You can see me use a little dab in the video. I had to go back and add a little bit more to get the letters to stick.


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The Diy Halloween Wreath is ready!