Do you have questions about sanding? Here are 5 common questions I get asked all the time, so let's talk about them...


Why you should not skip sandpaper grits?

It is important to not skip grits because each grit is designed to remove the scratches from the previous grit.



Why is my sander making swirl marks?

You are putting too much pressure on the sander and moving the Sander too fast across the surface.



How do you sand without leaving scratches?

The key to sanding wood without leaving scratches is to use the correct grit and the order without skipping more than 60 grit numbers at a time .



What is the fasted way to sand wood by hand?

The fastest way to sand wood by hand is to use a good quality sanding block with the correct grit of sandpaper.



Can you sand wood indoors?

Yes, you can sand wood indoors as long as you take steps to eliminate or control the dust that results from it


For more tips on how to sand wood click the link below!

Creating a smooth, sanded wood surface makes all the difference for your wooden project’s beautiful finish.