DIY French Cleat for Mounting Heavy Items

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A French cleat system is a simple and easy way to hang heavy items on the wall.

It is commonly seen in workshops as tool storage, but French cleats go beyond the workshop. They can be used to mount cabinets, heavy artwork, and even mirrors.

Parts of a French Cleat

One piece of the cleat is mounted to the wall (into the studs) and the other piece is attached to the object to be hung.

Make Using Scrap Wood

French cleats can be easily made using scrap wood like 1×4, 1×6, 2×4, 2×6, or plywood. I prefer using plywood because it is strong and stable.


By simply adjusting the size and spacing of the cleats, they can be customized to fit any space and accommodate a wide range of items.

Angle on a French Cleat

Typically, French cleats are cut at 45-degree angles.

Make Using a Table Saw

The table saw is the easiest, quickest, and precise way to make French cleats.

Make Using a Circular Saw

When using a circular saw to make the cut, you will start with a sheet of plywood instead of a ripped piece. You will need to make two cuts – one beveled and one straight.