Garage Storage 

Things To Toss for More Space

Many homeowners lack storage, and the garage becomes the catch-all for forgotten hobbies, sports, and furniture.

Tools or scrap metal


When it comes to tools we always think, “I might need this size screwdriver or wrench.”

Cardboard collectible


That box, you know the good one you swore you should keep, it’s time to toss it out.

Lumber Yard


Old building materials can take up valuable space in your garage and honestly you don’t need the old baseboards or tile remnants.

Remnants of paint color


Paint is expensive, and it is tempting to hold on to that quarter can of paint for touch-ups, but after five years, even properly stored paint goes bad.

Outgrown toy


Your kids’ interests change as frequently as the seasons and that trendy toy they are hyper fixated on will be yesterday’s news fairly quickly.



Disposing of these items can be troublesome due to their bulky size, but that pile of rakes and shovels collecting cobwebs in the corner needs to go.

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