Gold Spray Paint You Need to Know About


You look at the caps on the cans and make a decision in the store but when you get home and try it, it is totally different!

I already had 4 cans in my spray paint arsenal from all the trials I have done in the past. I researched a bit more and got 4 more cans to put together this extensive study.

Best Gold Spray Paint

1. Design Masters 

This is the first time I used Design Master’s and I have to say I was very impressed especially with the uniform coat and drying time.

3. Valspar metallic

Valspar metallic looks a lot more matte and I kinda love it! If I needed to use a rose gold spray paint, I would definitely go with the Valspar metallic.

6. Krylon Dual

One thing I like about Krylon Dual (which unfortunately can’t really be seen in these pictures) is there are tiny specs of gold embedded in there that give it a bit of dimension.

7. Krylon Metallic

Both the Krylon paints look identical. There is absolutely no difference in their color and shine.