Hall Tree: A Functional Organization Solution

They typically are placed near an exit to the home and consist of a bench, hooks, shelves, drawers, and more for quick and easy storage.

It will help keep items such as coats, hats, scarves, purses, and phones readily available to grab as you go out the door. But it isn’t just for a hallway or entryway.

Hall Tree: A Functional Organization Solution


Placing an entryway storage bench near your front door will allow you a place to gather those last-minute items before you rush out the door. It would serve as a hat rack and a coat stand. 


Perhaps you and your family regularly exit through the back of the home or the garage. 


Placing a hall tree or armoire in a hallway is often more of a decor choice. Antique hall trees passed along to the family may be more for looks than function. 

Sewing Machine Cabinet

Repurpose an old sewing machine cabinet, like this one from Refresh Restyle, with a door to make a hall tree with storage. Paint it or stain it to match your style and decor. 

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