Hanging Concrete Planter

It has been a while since I worked with concrete.  And the best way to get back into working with concrete is to make a planter.

I decided to add a quick twist on the simple concrete planter by turning into a hanging concrete planter using chain.

Hanging Concrete Planter

Step 1 – Pour the Concrete Planter

Mix a batch of concrete well to pancake batter-like consistency.

Step 2 – Spray Paint the Planter

Place the planter upside down on a lazy susan. 

Step 3 – Spray Paint the Hardware

Spray paint the S-hooks and chain. I used Rust-Oleum Univeral Satin Bronze. It is a very pretty metallic!

Step 4: Hang up the Planter

Mark half an inch down from the lip and drill a hole using a 3/8″ masonry bit. 




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