How to Build an Outdoor Storage Box

We can never have enough storage – that too covered storage which can also double as a bench. We have been looking for a solution to store all the pool and yard toys.

A plastic box was not cutting it – the lid would be left open, and we couldn’t keep wet items in there till they dried.

How to Build an Outdoor Storage Box

Step 1 – Prepare the Board

Make the cuts per the cut list in the plans.  You can easily modify the plans to change the size of the box if needed.

Step 2 – Build the Short Side

The short sides are built by attaching the supports to the slats using 2½”” wood screws. 

Step 3 – Build the box 

Lay the long sides on a flat surface with the spacers between them and attach the short sides to the long slats using the 2½” wood screws.  

Step 4 – Build the bottom and top

Drill pocket holes on both ends of the slats. Check out my guide to all things pocket holes.

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